Youth Leadership Day

May 5, 2017; Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ

On May 5, 2017, Project Clean and BeFreePima co-presented a youth substance abuse prevention workshop at Youth Leadership Day, an annual, day-long event coordinated by the Arizona Governor's Youth Commission. YLD was held at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, and featured several guest speakers and workshops. 

At the youth substance abuse prevention workshop, Project Clean and BeFreePima, represented by Meena, Rachel, Kate, Isaiah, and Marisella, conducted several activities with youth participants from every corner of Arizona. These activities included "Myth vs. Fact" games regarding substance abuse and a beach ball toss with questions about alcohol abuse, as well as a substance abuse prevention game show. Moreover, Meena discussed substance abuse risk factors and protective factors with the youth at the conference in order to educate them about substance abuse, especially alcohol and opioid abuse. Roughly 100 youth from all over Arizona attended the workshops and were positively impacted by the activities conducted by BeFreePima and its volunteers (as they self-reported in feedback surveys).

At Youth Leadership Day, attendees voted on which issue facing Arizona youth was most pressing: substance abuse, distracted driving, teen dating violence, civics education, or bullying. 

After hearing speeches from a Governor's Youth Commissioner chairing a committee dealing with each issue, the attendees voted on which issue is most pressing. Meena gave the speech representing the Substance Abuse Committee, and the issue of substance abuse was voted as most pressing.