Click here to read a December 2015 article by an ASU journalism student that Meena was featured in about Teen Court.

In May 2014, I began volunteering at Pima County Teen Court, a nonprofit diversion program for adolescents who have committed misdemeanors or certain felonies, including those that involve substance abuse. The first time I attended Teen Court was truly an eye-opening experience. Up until that point, I had been blind to the realities of youth substance abuse in my community. I did not realize how grave an issue it is until Teen Court revealed to me the significant amount of teenagers who are regularly arrested for substance abuse and how prevalent regular use of marijuana, synthetic marijuana, and alcohol really is in my community. Teen Court inspired me to become passionate about alleviating substance abuse because it enabled me to see, firsthand, how drug and alcohol use affects teenagers and their families. It was through Teen Court that I truly opened my eyes to the hidden realities of youth substance abuse and decided to take action. Read my piece on how I became even more involved with youth substance abuse here, and read my substance abuse essay here.