From January 25-January 31, 2016, I participated in National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week and helped the GYC as well as the Arizona Governor's Office of Youth, Faith, and Family with its efforts to prevent youth substance abuse.

I spearheaded the GYC's efforts to participate in NDAFW by presenting to the group of fifty-one commissioners in Phoenix on January 23, 2016. My presentation consisted of explaining the purpose of NDAFW, kicking off the Twitter and Facebook campaigns which used the hashtags #ShattertheMyths and #NDAFW, and giving my fellow commissioners NIDA's quiz about drugs and alcohol (which you can take here). That afternoon, after my presentation, my fellow commissioners and I made posters with anti-substance quotes. On my poster, I wrote that I want to shatter the myths because my voice matters. I believe that I have a strong voice in helping alleviate youth substance abuse, and I want to use my voice to represent my fellow youth who suffer the tragedies of substance abuse in silence. My fellow commissioners and I used these posters in our social media campaigns and disseminated them online. Because of our efforts, NDAFW 2016 was genuinely a success and I look forward to gathering more of my peers to participate in it next year.