National Substance Abuse Prevention Month 2016

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, which is recognized by various governmental agencies including the White House. To read about National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, click here and here.

In order to raise awareness of substance abuse during the 2016 National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, Meena wanted to make a difference within her school. On behalf of Project Clean, she spearheaded an effort involving her school's HOSA chapter, in which HOSA members made large posters with substance abuse facts and hung them up around the school. Below are photos of the posters.

Also, her school's chapter of HOSA will be hosting a mental health seminar in the coming months to raise awareness of mental illness (and support HOSA's National Service Project with NAMI -- the National Alliance on Mental Illness). The seminar will feature mental health experts and will be open to students who are interested in learning about mental illness in order to destigmatize it. Substance abuse and mental illness often go hand in hand, and the coupling of multiple mental illnesses is often referred to as comorbidity. Click here to read about comorbidity. Also, dual diagnosis, which is when mental illness and substance abuse are experienced together, is not uncommon among victims of substance abuse and can be read about here.