Mission and Goals

The mission of Project Clean is to spread awareness of youth substance abuse and mobilize youth to take the lead in its prevention. Project Clean hopes to do this by 1) providing resources to youth who struggle with substance abuse as well as youth who hope to alleviate it in their communities, parents, and educators, 2) conducting projects that raise awareness of the issue within Arizona including but not limited to a) visiting treatment centers and documenting experiences and insight gained from the visits, b) participating in nationwide anti-substance abuse campaigns, and c) creating original products (in the forms of writing and videos) that empower youth in Arizona.

Project Clean was established in March 2016 by Meena Venkataramanan. The 2016 goal is to create or participate in at least 10 original projects that help fulfill the mission of Project Clean by December 31, 2016. As of September 2016, the goal has been achieved, and twelve original projects have been created and/or completed:

1) Personal Essay About the Hidden Nature of Substance Abuse

2) La Frontera Visit and Report

3) International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Video Project

4) "Two Cents from Teens" Video Project

5) Sin Puertas Visit and Report

6) "Substance Abuse Prevention Through the Peer Justice Panel" Project Report

7) The Haven Visit and Report

8) Speaker from notMYkid Report

9) Pima County Teen Court Substance Abuse Prevention Workshop

10) National Recovery Month -- September 2016 Project

11) National Substance Abuse Prevention Month -- October 2016 Project

12) "Now You See Me" Red Ribbon Week Kickoff Event

2017 Projects:

1) I've Got Something Better (the video was made in the last days of 2016 to celebrate the new year and the 2017 launch of AZGOYFF's "I've Got Something Better" campaign)

2) Service Project at Higher Ground

3) Volunteering at the AzRHA Youth Leadership Conference

4) Youth Service America Street Team

5) Arizona Governor's Youth Leadership Day

6) Bus Bench Campaign

7) Television Public Service Announcements

8) Radio Public Service Announcements​

2018 Projects:

1) Harvard Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors

Throughout the course of the year, more projects will be created and/or completed in order to make a positive difference within the community.