Service Project at Higher Ground

On February 28, 2017, Meena and Susan donated nine boxes of supplies (including 260 handmade care packages) to Higher Ground, a youth resource center in an underserved area of Tucson. Located at the site of a middle school that was shut down in 2013 due to budget cuts, Higher Ground has transformed the local community. It offers behavioral health and substance abuse treatment services onsite, in addition to several youth development programs including after-school tutoring, martial arts classes, computer labs, sports and fitness, and youth internships. Higher Ground has been a formative experience for elementary-school children and high-school students alike.

Meena and Susan received a $1000 grant from the Phoenix Local Organizing Committee, a nonprofit organization that is hosting the NCAA Final Four tournament in Phoenix this year. Phoenix LOC is working to improve the Arizona community in honor of the huge sporting event, and generously provided grants to GYC youth representing all fifteen Arizona counties. Meena and Susan decided to spend the money on providing more resources to Higher Ground. The two spent hours ordering the supplies and packing them into care packages.

The supplies included thermal socks, mini bottles of conditioning shampoo and body lotion, travel-sized soaps, toothbrushes, and backpacks. Care packages were handmade by Meena and Susan, containing several toothbrushes, lotions, conditioning shampoos, and socks. When Meena and Susan donated the supplies at Higher Ground, they also received a tour of the facility. Thank you to Rob Lester for providing the tour.