Harvard Drug and Alcohol Peers (DAPA)

Beginning in late January 2018, Meena will become a Harvard Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisor (DAPA). She was selected to serve as a DAPA and advise her peers about drug and alcohol issues on campus. Her goal is to promote safety among her peers and provide resources to them, as well as promote safe consumption practices. Meena is excited to pair her new role as a DAPA with her existing commitment to Project Clean and substance abuse prevention.

Meena wanted to serve as a Harvard DAPA to continue her substance abuse prevention work on campus and carry it cross-country. Substance abuse prevention is an issue she is extremely passionate about, and she wanted to make a difference on Harvard's campus by volunteering her time towards this cause and educating her peers about drug and alcohol issues.

You can learn more about Harvard DAPA here and find its Facebook and Twitter accounts here and here. Stay tuned to learn more about Meena's endeavors as a DAPA as the semester progresses!