2017 AzRHA Youth Leadership Conference

On March 24th and 25th, Meena, Susan, Brooke, Xiao, and Naina volunteered with BeFreePima, a local youth substance abuse prevention group, to engage in peer-to-peer education with youth from PPEP Tec High Schools attending the Arizona Rural Health Association Youth Leadership Conference. In addition to hearing from speakers and participating in leadership activities, Meena, Susan, Brooke, Xiao, and Naina volunteered to conduct youth substance abuse prevention activities at the conference. These activities included "Myth vs. Fact" games regarding substance abuse and a beach ball toss with questions about alcohol abuse. Moreover, Meena discussed substance abuse risk factors and protective factors with the youth at the conference in order to educate them about substance abuse, especially alcohol and opioid abuse. Roughly 100 youth from all over Arizona, including several at-risk students, participated in the conference and were impacted by the activities conducted by BeFreePima and its volunteers. Overall, the conference was a success and helped spread awareness of youth substance abuse among these students. To learn more about BeFreePima, a project of the Pima County Community Prevention Coalition, visit its Facebook page here. To learn more about PPEP Tec High Schools, visit its website here. To learn more about Arizona Rural Health Association, click here.